Living Waters for the World has partnered with Fulfillment Concepts Inc. to provide mission teams with the materials necessary to implement and sustain their water projects. A team must have an active covenant with Living Waters for the World to order from the fulfillment center.

Water Systems

Complete Systems

LWW’s water treatment systems utilize micro-filtration and Ozone or UV disinfection to make contaminated water bacteriologically safe to consume. The systems improve the health of communities: providing people with access to safe, clean water; ongoing health education; and improved economic opportunities. They are designed to be sustainable and cost effective.

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Water Systems

System Kits

System kits are collections of components that make up the water system. They are made available primarily for the purpose of sustaining the water purification systems, enabling a partner to replace/update multiple components at once.

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Water Systems

Individual Components

This section contains consumables and replacement parts for the water purification system such as filters, O-rings, water meters, UV bulbs, etc. that are necessary to keep a water purification system running effectively and efficiently.

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Educational Materials

Clean Water U Manuals

If you require an updated education or system manual for members of your mission team or for your in-country partners, this is where you can find them. Manuals are available in different languages.

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Educational Materials

Health Education for Water Projects

Continuing health education in the community is a tenet of the LWW ministry. This is where you can find materials to help ensure that partners can provide ongoing health education to the community. The materials found here are used in the lessons/activities found in the CWU Health Education (102) curriculum. As well, there are materials that can be used to promote using purified water in the community.

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Promotional Materials

Awareness and Engagement Material

Want to help get the message out about Living Waters for the World to your congregation, community, friends? This is where you can find materials to help educate people about the world water crisis and what LWW is doing to address it.

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Promotional Materials

Clothing & Gear

Need a LWW hat or shirt when going in-country or a water bottle or other give away for a conference? This is the place to find items to help promote Living Waters for the World and get other involved.

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Vacation Bible School

The Water All Around the World Curriculum is an opportunity for your whole church family to journey to countries where clean water is not readily available and teaches them about the importance of clean water.

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